Is LeanBean a Scam?

The government limply regulates most dietary supplements, unlike pharmaceutical drugs. There are laws to govern how these supplements should be made and marketed; however, there is little supervision to ensure rules are adhered to.

The FDA does not check these supplements before they are released to the public. But, the manufacturer is obliged to test them for purity and quality purposes.

Therefore, there is little guarantee that they are genuine, fake, or if they contain what is on the label.

That’s why we are here to determine if a dietary product contains the labelled ingredients, dosages, and their safety.

In recent years, some weight loss pills have been found to contain hidden harmful chemicals terming them as scams in the market.

This LeanBean review indicates that LeanBean is not a scam

Now, let’s evaluate why it is not a scam.

Is Leanbean Legit or Scam?

Lawsuit claims

There are no sanctions or safety advisories issued against LeanBean’s manufacturer on the FDA website.

Additionally, there are no reported safety concerns on the ingredients used or severe side effects.

However, there is little information on the website about the manufacturer.

They indicate that the manufacturer is new in the industry.

Honestly, this is not dependable.

Independent labs verified

The manufacturer writes on the official website

“LeanBean is manufactured to the highest quality standards in line with good manufacturing practice (GMP), and produced in FDA registered facilities.”

But, LeanBean is not certified by the United States Pharmacopeial Convention (USP), a non-profit organisation that accredits and inspects products in the market.

Also, it is not listed on LabDoor and ConsumerLab, independent organisations that test dietary supplements.

Money-Back Guarantee

LeanBean claims to help women to lose weight and achieve their dream body.

More so, they advise that if you do not realise results after ninety days, they will provide a full refund.

Therefore, you will need to purchase a 3 months order to benefit from the money-back guarantee.

This is a bit extreme, since some users may experience side effects following one month use.

Clinically proven ingredients

LeanBean contains ingredients that are backed up by science.

The company includes clinical studies of each product on the website.

Furthermore, each dosage is tailored to meet women needs specifically and does not contain additives or any harmful chemicals.

However, LeanBean contains moderate caffeine content that may be sensitive to some women.

Only available from the manufacturer

LeanBean is only available on the official website.

The company writes

“Counterfeit listings are a problem so to ensure you are not caught out make sure to only buy LeanBean direct from the official website.”

Potential side effects

There is little to no side effects of LeanBean.

But, it contains green coffee extract that has caffeine. Thus, some women may experience jitters.

All the same, the dosage used is not likely to be problematic to most individuals unless they are specifically allergic to caffeine.

Also, some users may experience allergic reactions from specific natural ingredients; reports are minimal.

Thus, LeanBean is probably safe to the user.

Bottom Line

Apart from the lack of independent lab testing, we can say that LeanBean is not a scam.

There are no reported severe side effects or lawsuits on malpractice or harmful ingredients.

However, more independent customer reviews are required to determine if they honour their refund policy.